NOW OPEN! Local by Design on Main Street, Annapolis!

Suzi Jett and Susan Sears found the fabulous space, LOCAL by Design, at 109 Main Street, Annapolis, then invited over 30 of the local area’s talented artists and designers to be part of it. Support many individual artisans and small businesses like ours!  Please follow the Local By Design page to see updates and receive announcements on upcoming events. 


Joe Barsin

Illustrations by Joe Barsin are special because he combines a passion for history, culture and community with a deep seeded pride in America. Living abroad in Europe during his formative years developed his understanding of an artist’s role in defining a community’s culture and history. Being an Eagle Scout developed his sense of community, patriotism and appreciation for the natural world. Joe is a native of Akron, Ohio, who graduated from Kent State University with a degree in graphic design. He and his wife, Eva, started their own design firm, JEB Design, Inc., in 1998, and continue to work from home while raising their two boys.